Some of the American Kennel Club (AKC) titles relevant to our dogs

Before a Dog's Name

After a Dog's Name

Prefixes Denoting Country of Championship

Am CH - United States
Can CH -Canada
Int CH - International

Obedience Championship

OTCH - Obedience Trial Champion

CD - Companion Dog
CDX - Companion Dog Excellent
UD - Utility Dog
UDVST - Utility Dog Variable Surface Tracking
- Utility Dog Excellent
VCD1 - Versatility Companion Dog 1
VCD2 - Versatility Companion Dog 2
VCD3 - Versatility Companion Dog 3
VCD4 - Versatility Companion Dog 4

HT - Herding Tested Dog                                PT - Pre-Trial Dog
HI - Herding Intermediate
HIAdsc - Herding Intermediate Course A (ducks, sheep, cattle)
HIBdsc - Herding Intermediate Course B (ducks, sheep, cattle)
HICs - Herding Intermediate Course C (sheep)
HS - Herding Started
HSAdsc - Herding Started Course A (ducks, sheep, cattle)
HSBdsc - Herding Started Course B (ducks, sheep, cattle)
HSCs - Herding Started Course C (sheep)
HX - Herding Excellent
HXAdsc - Herding Advanced Course A (ducks, sheep, cattle)
HXBdsc - Herding Advanced Course B (ducks, sheep, cattle)
HXCs - Herding Advanced Course C (sheep)

TD - Tracking Dog
TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent
VST - Variable Surface Tracker

AJP Agility Excellent Jumpers With Weaves "A" Preferred
- Agility Excellent
- Agility Excellent Jumpers With Weaves
- Agility Excellent "A" Preferred
Agility Master Excellent Jumpers With Weaves "B" Preferred
- Master Agility
MXJ - Master Agility Excellent Jumpers With Weaves
Master Agility Excellent "B" Preferred
- Novice Agility
NAJ - Novice Agility Jumpers
- Novice Agility Preferred
- Novice Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
- Open Agility
OAJ - Open Agility Jumper With Weaves
OAP - Open Agility Preferred
OJP - Open Jumpers With Weaves Preferred


Some of the non-AKC titles relevant to our dogs

Before a Dog's Name

After a Dog's Name


German Titles And Ratings

CACIB - European International Champion

Bundesieger - Working Dog Champion of the Year (Leistungssieger)


Explanations of:

Schutzhund and IPO
French Ring Sport

German Titles And Ratings

A - Ausreichend

Sufficient show or performance rating


AD - Ausdauerpruefung

Endurance title (test includes a 12-mile run & simple obedience test)


BH - German Companion Dog

Must precede SchH I


FH - Fahrtenhund

Most advanced tracking title awarded by the SV


G - Gut

Good show or performance rating


IPO I, II, III - Schutzhund III according to the international rules


KKL I - Koerklasse I

Especially recommended for breeding


KKL II - Koerklasse II

Suitable for breeding


M - Mangelhaft

Faulty show or performance rating

          met lof - with honors


PDH - Polizei Dienst Hund

Working Police dog


PH - Polizeihund

Police-trained dog


PSP - Polizeischutzhundprufung

Police protection dog


SchH I, II, III - Schutzhund

Obedience, tracking, and protection titles


SG - Sehr Gut

Very Good show or performance rating;

highest rating obtainable by dogs under 2 years old or at USA SchH shows,

the highest rating that can be obtained by an untitled dog


SH - Suchhund

Tracking dog


U - Ungenugend

Unsatisfactory show or performance rating


V - Vorzuglich

Excellent show or performance rating

ZH I, II - Zollhund I, II

Customs dog

ZPr - Zuchtpruefung

Passed a breed survey, recommended for breeding




Explanations of:
Schutzhund and IPO
French Ring Sport